I rarely look at my blog's statistics.  My reason for writing these pages is more about the act of creating than who my audience might be.  I occasionally enjoy looking back at my thoughts from yestermonth; and in a decade or three I'll have a massive record of who I was.  (Hey...stranger things have happened!  Just because my male ancestors on both sides all died before reaching social-security-age...doesn't mean the grim reaper has already penciled-in my reservation. *he says, mentally knocking on wood*)  If I do survive until then, I intend to re-read and peruse this s n a p p e r h e a d web blog in order to combat or stimulate my senility.

          Today, I learned from my blog's statistics that the post I wrote on 20 November 2009, Life-Mission: Possible, has been read (or at least visited) 512 unique times.  I crafted that hopefully-funny, quasi-autobiographical post to show how, from childhood to retirement, I selfishly and constantly consumed things, furnishings, appliances, pets, and women.  In the article, I reflected on films and TV shows (like Mission Impossible) as my life's mileage markers.

          I can understand why some of my other posts have been (and will continue to be) so-often visited; they contain adult oriented, often searched, keywords.

          When a page contains more than a couple anatomically explicit words, which your average cock in hand mouth-breather thinks are somehow connotative of sex, it might blow your mind the bucket load of ass-hats who flock to that page.  You get the idea...I don't need to include words like cum, cunt, or fuck to pull in page views...hell...this post (now that it contains all these naughty bits) may surpass 512 visits in less than a month.  The icing on the cake (albeit the word fetish would help it become a shoe in) to guarantee that it becomes the post-with-the-most is a lurid image (or threesome).  Not even a good or explicit pornographic picture, just a light to attract the porn moth's attention.  Maybe just a black and white snapshot which looks like something it isn't.


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