New Exquisite Corpse

          The Exquisite Corpse game was developed by the artists and writers associated with André Breton's surrealist group which included Max Ernst, Man Ray, Joan Miró, and Yves Tanguy.  The original game consisted of folded paper with a drawing (or a sentence) composed by several people, each ignorant of the previous creation(s); as an example: "the exquisite / corpse / will drink / the new / wine"  —  excerpt from the 1939 Abridged Dictionary of Surrealism, as copied off the wall at the Art Institute of Chicago.

          The New Exquisite Corpse functions in much the same way as it's predecessor did almost ninety years ago...four players create a 'slice' 450 pixels wide by 200 pixels high (with the second, third, and fourth players receiving only the bottom 15 pixels of the one above theirs).  The New Exquisite Corpse has been dormant for a few years.  This week I received 15 pixels and created the bottom 200 pixels of this:

Plastic man | Challenges and Adventures | Fire and Ice | brie factual lie
fractal        |        sky wookie        |        madwise          |      veach

          Anyone interested in joining should sign up and send a message to The Mortician informing him/her that you want to become a corpser.


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