and she was Jade Turns any until the end

veach - quackling - doctormatt - dagfooyo
          This was a privately exhumed lightning-round corpse, with me acting as mortician.  The rules were the same as those at new exquisite corpse with the sole exception:  a pre-agreed 48-hour turn around.  We began on 1 May.  I sent my bottom 15 pixels before 3 May (which I apologize to quackling for making more than a little difficult):

          Quackling sent the next hint slice to doctormatt by 5 May:

          And doctormatt provided his to dagfooyo on or before 7 May:

          This finished product is an exquisite example of corpsing (our title—also stitched together in the dark—works nicely).  I intend to do more lightning rounds; the one complaint I have with is creating, submitting, and never seeing the finished corpse (three currently in limbo).

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Matthew Conroy said...

This is great! I love it! Thanks for organizing this!


Matt (doctormatt)