sphoto number 8

          I already wrote a snippet about my Crater Lake visit in 2009, which is when I bought this grey agate sphere.  I found in on the way to the crater in Eagle Point, Oregon, after we left The Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery.
          When one has as many spheres as I, it can be difficult to find a unique one which conforms to my parameters:
  • Between 1½ and 2¼ inches (40 - 55mm) in diameter.  Golf ball to billiards ball...not much larger.
  • One piece.
  • No intentional flat portion (they all have some form of a stand).
  • Reasonable price (relative to my budget).
          I've gone on many trips and come home without a sphere.  And not always because there weren't any for sale, sometimes every sphere I found was a duplicate of one I already had.

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