This is the SOUND of my SOUL

          I've had so many preferred songs, bands, and even genres in the five-feckin-hundred months which have elapsed since I started formulating favorites (described here) that it seems unfair/impossible/cheating to pick one.  I could never only eat just one.

          It's not that Led Zeppelin would get jealous if I said I like Pink Floyd better.  Nor would Chicago Transit Authority get a bruised ego if I chose Fleetwood Mac over them, either.  But as the last dozen days have shown, it is better—for me—to tie either an emotional balloon or a temporal anchor to my selection switch.

          Ginny's title—a song from your favorite band—seems like it's missing that connection with my past or my soul or my sumthinerother.  I prefer:  A Favorite Song From (Random Year).

          I used a random number generator to choose the year.  With the parameter years between when I was 12 years old and today (52).  The generator selected one integer for me.  It chose 24.

          I turned twenty-four years old in 1983.

          Sticking with Squire as the font of all knowledge, I used Squire's favorite chalkboard to remind me what songs were released in 1983; then what songs were hits in 1983.  (Unsurprisingly, it lists all years.)

          From that quick scan of albums, artists, and songs I remembered many...but one was my favorite that year:  Spandau Ballet, True.  (My bona fide fy-ants will karaoke it, sometimes.  She sings it fantastically.)

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