I'm the death open the pod bay down route 666 started somewhere near

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          This corpse was a double lightning round.  Each slice was double sized from the "regular" at New Exquisite Corpse (600dpi, 900px by 400px - hint slices were 30px high) and lightning because there was a 48-hour turnaround for each slice.  All artists (listed above in top-to-bottom slice-order) completed their portion on, or before, the two-day deadline (however, a series of unexpected glitches forced the overall product to take twice as long to complete).

          I am extremely pleased with this outcome.  The added detail of 600dpi is fantastic.

          Thank you GTC for beginning such a great theme (which I built upon, relying on what I assumed—correctly—were rifle cartridges on the right and the word NECRO).  Angeleyes, your ability to wonderfully enhance the theme based on two vague hints (CRO letters and an old wrist) is superb.  Which brings us to quackling...who's hint slice—thanks to angeleyes—was amazingly complex (license plates, gears, signs, letters...oh my!) yet quack created a stupendous closing composition which contains humor, frivolity, and continues the subtext.  I love it.


Tre Cope said...


It starts with death - continues down a road of age and vintage and ends with the growth of cogs.

For those of you not children of the 80s in the UK - the car in the corner is "brum" from a kids tv show of the same name.

Can't believe I didn't get the route 66 connection - I must have looked at that "mellowed" sign for about 2 hours before giving up on figuring it out and shoving it on a shelf!

Love the continuity of colour as well as theme and seamlessness of this.

Good work all...

Quack x

GTC said...

I love it - great work everyone. Let's do it again soon.