The Union Label

          Yesterday a customer said, "You're in a union at Alamo car rental, so what's your opinion about them.  Are unions beneficial?"

          "From my perspective,"  I replied, "the union makes a huge difference.  Years ago, when Enterprise Car Rental bought the Alamo and National car rental companies they had to take them as they were: union companies.  But Enterprise itself wasn't then—and remains today—a non-union company.  All hourly union employees who work for Alamo and National are full-time, 40 hours a week, eligible for overtime, paid holidays, sick days, vacation days, healthcare, full benefit package.  Hourly Enterprise employees are paid the same wages but are part benefits."

          Anyone who has ever criticized a union's efficacy needs to wrap their head around this reality.       

build date

          I've been informed that Friday, 4 April 2014, is the day my smart is scheduled to be built.

          That's National Cordon Bleu Day (if you didn't know, now you do) and I intend to celebrate that day by eating some crusty panco chicken, ham, and cheese.      

create your happy

          Epilogue/postscript:  I really had no idea when I created/titled this digital rendering that it was the first International Day of Happiness.  Anyone and everyone familiar with the real snapperhead that is me, knows I'd have ridiculed or—at the very least—made a joke out of such a foolish and crass Hallmark-label-fa├žade.

          In my own way, I guess I did poke fun at it.  The "hidden message" is no where near some of my previous (which can be at-or-beyond the Where'sWaldo-level).  In this one, there are dozens of recognizable images and a couple which aren't hidden in any manner at all.  What so ever.  Out in plain sight.  As the nose on your face.

          Looking for one with more challenge in the hidden stuff department?  Click on that little © below and scroll past the comics until you get to one that makes you go hummm (or one that makes you say, "I don't get that") = hidden stuff abounds. 

Meme naysayer challenge

          You, me, and everyone we know have been inundated by memes and are also, more than probably, guilty of adding to the deluge.  It's now considered rather gauche to forward them or to even call attention to a meme which especially tickles you by showing your screen to someone else.  At least that's the impression I have from the cheap seats—which is the vantage point of those of us who are untumbling, non-twits, who don't have our face in the book.  (Albeit there are only twelve of us under the age of 65.)  Did I just hear a collective gasp?  I also don't own an account to pay my pals.  Yup, that was an audible intake of breath.

          I am shunning common decency.  Being mostly disconnected from the vast hypertextural flow over here in my tiny blogspot eddy I can write lengthy paragraphs which are seen by very few and those who visit this rather tranquil current are enured by the rants and foma I espouse.

          With no further ado...

spring haz sprung

          I know many of my fellow countrymen are still slogging thru the wintry mix and need to still use scoop-like implements to move blankets of snow from their path.

          Please know that I empathized with you today, while I and my cat wandered the forest trails on our first cat hike of the year.  It was in the low 60's (16° C), clear and sunny.

          We met this little green fella and saw five deer.

For - will shoot - It's A Trap - Skulls On Parade

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I take the "better story..." part back

          After watching this, I remembered my 2006 story (written in 2008) about a similar hawk which almost landed on Pam's head.  I take back the part about actually wishing he'd landed.  The story is good enough without what would have resulted in lacerations and a ninety-minute drive to get her scalp stitched.

smart font

                                                   With slanted e or without...that is the question.

Pamela Pure War Holed

Volans - Murat Sayinger