MySoLiMo - My Song List Month

          In March-April I participated in a month-of-songs.  I began by following someone.  Once I learned it was a meme, *wards evil-claw while hissing* I began creating my own categories.
  1. Your Favorite Song.  Starship Trooper, YES
  2. A Song You Fucking Hate.  Fade To Black, METALLICA
  3. A Song That Makes You Happy.  Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit, GINA G
  4. A Song That Makes You Sad.  Beautiful, CHRISTINA AGUILERA
  5. A Song That Reminds You of Someone.  Canadian Sunset, HUGO WINTERHALTER
  6. A Song That Reminds You of Someplace.  Knock Three Times, TONY ORLANDO & DAWN
  7. A Song That Reminds You of an Event.  Vincent, DON McLEAN
  8. A Song You Know All the Words To.  Man of Constant Sorrow, SOGGY BOTTOM BOYS
  9. A Song That Makes You Laugh.  No Children, THE MOUNTAIN GOATS
  10. A Song That Describes You.  Poor Boy, SUPERTRAMP
  11. A Song You Can Dance To.  Block Rockin Beats, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS
  12. A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep.  Surf Sounds, NATURE
  13. A Favorite Song From (Random Year).  True, SPANDAU BALLET (1983)
  14. A Song That Reminds You of Elementary School.  Winchester Cathedral, NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND
  15. A Song Which Reminds You of a Sport or Job.  D'yer Ma'ker (Jamaica), LED ZEPPELIN
  16. The Oldest Song You Enjoy.  Boléro, RAVEL
  17. A Fucking Song.  Mia Culpa, ENIGMA
  18. Your Favorite Duet.  Under Pressure, FREDDIE MERCURY, DAVID BOWIE & QUEEN
  19. Your Paragon of Protest Songs.  Why Can't We Live Together, TIMMY THOMAS
  20. Your Favorite Instrumental.  The Box, ORBITAL
  21. Your Favorite Foreign Song.  Cose Della Vita, EROS RAMAZZOTTI
  22. A Song Which the Color (Random) Reminds You Of.  And She Was, TALKING HEADS (green)
  23. Your Favorite Spiritual-or-Secular Song.  The Weight, THE BAND & THE STAPLE SINGERS
  24. A Favorite From Your First Compilation Album.  Lucky Man, EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER
  25. A Song You Enjoy From Your Least-Listened-To Genre.  From A Distance, NANCI GRIFFITH
  26. A Quirky Song You Admire, But Can't Put Your Finger On Why.  The Sun King et al., THE BEATLES
  27. A Song That Reminds You of a Favorite Film.  Monsters, CHI-AD
  28. A Song Which Reflects Your Opinion On The Weather.  Feels Like Heaven, URBAN COOKIE COLLECTIVE
  29. A Favorite Talk Song.  Somewhere Down The Crazy River, ROBBIE ROBERTSON
  30. The Newest Song You Enjoy.  Wishery, POGO


irishwind said...

Hi Veach,

Am finally making a reappearance (I guess). Just saying Hi.

Yes, have been, and still reading your blog anonymously. I apologize for the lack of updates on the drawing you wanted-it is still in custody of the school. Meanwhile, thought you might be interested in what I've been working on recently:


veach glines said...

Irishwind - You are the artist I've always aspired to be. I am amazed by your recent works. Please stay in touch more often (and my purchase offer stands).